Thursday, 1 November 2012

Real Financial Blog

  It seems like I have been posting many unrelated issues or things with financial world which I shouldn't do much in this blog. Although I do it just for myself but somehow I have never made any financial research record since months ago. This shows that more concern should be done on financial issues.

  No older posts will be deleted but will refocus my view on financial stuff start from now. I will separate my personal life and thoughts from this blog to this blog.




Thursday, 25 October 2012

Certification Myth

  Long time ago, we were told that certification is very matter in terms of recognition and job-seeking in the future, where you are just nothing without it. Since then, my friends strive for the cert without any hesitation.

  Before entering Univeristy, I strongly believed that what we would care about is the job after graduate by getting the cert, with good grade, if able. It's a belief among all the students. However, this faith has been questionable for me since I have experienced the reality.

  Cert, now is the undisputed, undoubtedly,and inarguable to the students who are putting their efforts in the study just because of superficially believing the cert would definitely bring them into good companies, good paid, good benefits, good bosses, luxury car, big houses. and perfect family, even lift their life up.

  For sure they are looking forward to the day of their graduation. In reality, cert is still unquestionable to be the  first impression you could deliver to your boss, so that you can convince him or her to hire you because of the cert---a proof that you are the capable person for the company. Unfortunately, this is already out-of-dated.

  No doubt, cert is still needed but no longer the only evaluation to a fresh graduate. People who are only fighting hard for the cert should be advised to other than that, if not they would sooner be eliminated. The ambitious, the wide-range of knowledge, the way of delivering presentation, the quickly-response, the think-out-of-box mindset, the soft skill (not mean the soft skill cert in this case) and the capability to catch up the main point are those most wanted skills.

Friday, 12 October 2012

An Expensive Lesson

  When the holiday began, all university students were rushing up to going back hometown. Even I myself, did not notice that I was actually leaving the hostel without clearing off the bills, which it caused a lot of problems after I came back.

  Here comes the problems. When I first came back, I was expecting a dirty house with full of dusts and spiderweb was weaved on the wall while there were grains of sand all over the floor. However, the real situation was much more complicated. 

  Such situation is never unfamiliar for me but how about when you wanted to clean up the house and there was a water shortage? Even worst, I did not know why it happened and just stood over there helplessly. Any possible way had been tried out but none of it could solve the problem. Picking up the phone and trying to call friends who might know how to solve the problem, with a hope to ask some help from them. Unfortunately, they seemed never face up such problem before. I was feeling lost again. 

  I had no idea why the water just stopped flowing out from water pipe. My initial plan to clean up the house was obstructed. The house was still very dirty. Luckily, I asked help from fourth student house. Although I had yet to find out the reason why there was a water shortage, at least I had a place for me to stay overnight.

  Not only water shortage but the streamyx was also cut off by TM (the modern vampire). In Kampar, the only entertainment is online. I was wondering why it was cut off or I did not pay off the bill(s)? Apparently, the letter is the real reason.

 Okay, there were no other ways but to get the bills paid. Where are the bills? Again, I tried to find out the bills like a nut. I still got nothing even Tipping over the tables. What else? The phone rang and I picked up and answered. It was my ex-house(room)mate, Cheng Xun. After some greeting, I started asking about the bills and I was told that the bills were on weixian's hand. Without wasting any time, I quickly called up weixian. Thank god! Finally, I got the bills ! I ran to my room and got the money.

  Despite the bills problem was settled, but how about the water shortage?At the night, I still thought of no ways and fell asleep after getting down from the whole day.

  Surprisingly, I managed to wake up early in the morning (since I used to wake up at the afternoon), I was hoping the miracle could happen, where the problem would just go away from me. No, it didn't happen. After having breakfast, I knelt down and started chanting to pray that I would definitely solve the problem wisely and with the help of shoten senji.

  After that, I suddenly thought of that---since I didn't know which department is responsible for the water management in Kampar, why didn't I just check it through internet? Yes, I got it. It is LAP (lembaga Air Perak) responsible for it. I dialed the number that displayed on the webpage and knew that either I didn't clear off the bill (Oh My God ! Bill again?) or someone had switched off  the meter. I went back and checked. Now, I knew that there was somebody switched off the meter. Thank gohonzon !!

  Now I am going to wait the water being pumped up to the tangki and start my cleaning plan again. This lesson taught me that we should clear off the bill before leaving the hostel and record it to avoid such problem again. 

Friday, 7 September 2012

Banking Sector is collapsing ?

  When I flipped through the newspaper, probably news related to economy slowdown or financial crisis occupied most pages of the newspaper. Readers will find them bored when they always cannot find any news that is not related to the mentioned issues.

  Maybe you are wondering that why there are always analyst or marketers saying economy is going down and next financial crisis is coming soon if no action is taken by those authorities---while actually nothing is going to happen because these are just their own opinion and so-called "analysis" that is based on "anticipation of current situation".

  No, actually these aren't the main point of the topic. My concern is that whether the banking sector is going to collapse as I can see many of the banks are seeking for bailout from the government or international fund organisation which injection of capital to keep them survive is becoming a controversial issue.

  Certain European banks are seeking help from the international financial authority because of unable to repay debt. The current one is Slovenia---an Euro country which has little population and relatively small economy. Also, we can see that many finance companies are selling off their assets to repay the debt and trying to hold more cash during this difficult time.

  The opposite situation in Asia---many large corporations are buying out or bidding those sold-assets from these western companies which are facing financial difficulties.

  I would rather choose Asia Banks if I were to invest. Banking sector would not collapse unless the certain country wants to abolish monetary system.

  No figures here. I am lazy to find the figure to prove anything. From my observation, only few banks are strong enough to survive especially Asia Banks---including Malaysian Banks, such as Hong Leong Bank, Public Bank, and Maybank. Although they are still small in terms of assets and market capitalisation but due to stable and conservative policy, they are going through sustainable growth.

  Banks in Canada are also considered as good choices for those who are interested in investing banking corporations. They have no exposure much in U.S market---that is why they survived and able to make profit although financial crisis happened. One of my preference is Scotia Bank.

  Another potential market which is Southeast Asia. Banks in Asean are keeping up due to growing population and consumption power. But remind that most of the central banks make US dollar as major reverse currency, which means if there is any change in US dollar policy, no country can escape from it.

  The economic theory that we learn in school or university is taking the banks as the core of the economic.
In recent years, many of the banks collapsed or sought for bailout.

 To track back profit, many banks tried to play some tricks on their products and sold to public that brought nothing return to the investors and customers. Bankers are too smart to cheat nowadays. We still see a lot of people admire the bankers but it no longer happens in western. Many bankers are seen as cheater or vampires who like to "suck blood" from the people.

  Of course, all banks would not go bankrupt but gradually lose their reputation. Banks were created to be the intermediary of transaction and not gambling in the market.



Thursday, 6 September 2012

People First

  People often change when they are in a environment which will influence their mindset frequently. Although minority will not change at all but mostly will. 

  How do people realize the change? Probably they are able to think and act differently if compared what have they done previously.Recently, I realize I have changed, where I always thought too much and could not stop when I started.However, it makes me worry about losing self-characteristics.

  A personal change could be resulted from experiencing something in daily life. Through accumulation, a person might try to re-think his or her current situation and determine to change. Why change? Sometimes we need to change to adapt to the environment or strengthen internal will.

  The first ever thing I experience is that a person cannot live lonely without any other person. Nobody is alone in this world. Since we are born, we live and interact with other people from day to day---this is unavoidable. 

  "Bond between people will not be broken and will be strengthened through connection of the heart." Through those SGM activities, I have learned that people should be considered as the priority in doing anything. This has become trend especially in entrepreneur world as there are a lot of people-oriented companies appear. In reality, we can see that labour forces being squeezed and less people dispute about that.

   It goes wrong when consideration of technology, structure, authority, or products are above the consideration of people.




Friday, 31 August 2012

Realized it is too late

  Assumption is always assumption, not necessary it would become true and indeed it is formed or made up by personal judgement which is said to be bias all the time since everyone has different perception over everything.

  I admit that I misunderstood something. This is something that I have made up to convince myself it is true but the reality is cruel.

  Judge a person based on some characteristics but not all. When I realized that I actually only understand part of his or her characteristics, I felt like I was the stupid. Of course, they are good and bad at the same time because nobody is perfect but I just cannot accept all.

  People are sharing one common---always focus on one side of a person while lack of ability to look at the things in bigger and multi-dimensions(sides).

  Well, finally I know it. Hopefully I can see more clearly about that.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


  Having a relationship with others is not easy as we think of especially if you were to choose a person who is going to accompany you in your entire life.

  I had a girlfriend but ended up with broke up. I knew it was going to happen because both of us were not confident and felt uncertainty for our future. My mother told me that not to have a girlfriend too early due to immaturity.

  3 and half years. I have remained single state for 3 and half years. Well, I am already used to it. In Uni, I see a lot of couples. However, many of them cannot persist. Sometimes, people often make decision emotionally without thinking too much of their future. Consequently, they keep on suffering and trying to find a new one to avoid---it doesn't work at all.

  Now, I have choices. Of course, I may lose both choices. Two of them have attracted me. Somehow I have seen things unclear, therefore I can't even make a decision to choose one. They do not know actually I like them. We just remain friends.

  As a man, I should focus on my study and future career. But I as a man, need love too.